Our web agency for continuous support!

Entrusting your project to our web agency means benefiting from customised and sustainable support. Such a service provider has enabled the website Pique Aiguilles Créations to become a reality in accordance with the rules of art and the specifications.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get your leads off the ground by optimizing your website for search engines.


Website creation

Benefit from a web platform (showcase, e-commerce), designed and developed according to your requirements.


Communication strategy

Take advantage of a solid and effective strategy that allows you to think outside the box.

Graphic & web design

Graphic & web design

Stand out from the crowd with a UX/UI design for a compliant website.



Creative expertise for your graphic strategy

Coupled with high-tech creativity, your graphic universe is your best asset.


Visual Identity

A central element of visual communication and based on branding, visual identity hierarchizes and visually assembles the values you are trying to convey.


Web design

Webdesign allows you to benefit from an aesthetic website like Histoires De Laine that meets the criteria around which the user experience is built: usefulness, accessibility, ergonomics…


Graphic creation

Graphic creation, or graphic design in general, gives birth to graphics and computer graphics that can quickly boost the virality of your content online.


Webmarketing a winning strategy!

Webmarketing is the cornerstone of any digital strategy.

The confidence of Internet users is a decisive element in their purchasing process and this is acquired in different ways. Nowadays, a modern and aesthetic website alone is not enough to gain the trust of visitors. In order to stand out, win the hearts of visitors and guide them on a journey that will end in a purchase, a website like Passion-Créatrice  must be based on a solid and effective web marketing strategy. As a general rule, web marketing is based on a number of pillars such as inbound & content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, mobile first…

Internet visibility audit, an efficient solution!

Evaluate in real time the notoriety and visibility of a brand.

If the objective of the SEO audit is to highlight the performance of a website in terms of referencing, the visibility audit, in the strict sense, goes far beyond a simple evaluation of the presence on the SERP. Moreover, this presence is only one aspect of the said visibility. Thus, a visibility audit is a discipline whose DNA is the evaluation of the webmarketing campaigns conducted by the company, its presence on social networks and specialized directories, its digital reputation or e-reputation, its popularity in the form of backlinks, its level of influence at the scale of its field of activity…


Natural referencing, to increase the traffic on your website

The art of getting a website’s traffic off the search engines.

As a general rule, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a real art in the sense that its development and optimization induces search engines, especially their algorithms, to position a page or a website properly.

Develop your visibility on social media!

Social networks are a powerful lever for visibility and acquisition.

To federate an active community (fans, followers, subscribers…) around your brand, or to seal a privileged relationship with your customers, or to create partnerships and opportunities, or to cultivate a good e-reputation…, it is important to build an effective and coherent presence on social media. Coupled with a community management strategy, these will be the cream of the crop for your digital strategy and SEO.